Wheel Chairs & Hospital Beds

We carry Manual & Transport Wheel chairs along with Semi-Electric Home Care beds that are safe, durable and damage resistant.

Lightweight Aluminum Transport Wheelchair

Designed for safety, ease and comfortable patient transport. Light frame and fold-down back for easy transport and storage. Footrest painted to match frame finish and full length padded arms for comfort. Nylon upholstery is flame retardant & bacteria resistant.

9000 XT Wheel Chair

High performance, low maintenance and low total lifetime cost product. This is simply the most versatile lightweight wheelchair available, with offset axle position that allows adjustment to increase maneuverability.  Features carbon steel frame and flame-retardant upholstery that resists bacteria and UV damage.

Invacare® Semi Electric Bed

This Semi-Electric Bed combines effortless positioning of the upper body and knees with the economy of manual bed height adjustment. The pendant control provides motorized positioning of the upper body and/or knees. A manual crank located at the foot end of the bed adjusts bed frame height for caregiver assistance.

Invacare® Bariatric Bed

Provides comfort, efficiency, and safety. The heavy-duty frame & larger sleep surface allows for the support of higher weight capacities. Head and foot positions are adjustable for improved comfort.

Invacare® Bed Rails

All bed rails feature durable chrome-plated, welded steel construction and are designed to withstand heavy-duty use. These rails can be installed permanently or semi-permanently on all spring-fabric medical-style beds. These rails are easy to attach – no tools are necessary for assembly on most models.

CLD (Cyclical Lever Drive)

was designed for individuals to self-propel themselves with one arm, giving the opportunity to be more active, mobile and independent. With its front-caster steering mechanism, simple rowing motion design and adjustability in height and stroke length, it is the answer to an easy-to-operate one-arm drive.