Full Time Respiratory Therapists

Here at Legacy we have an extensive team of knowledgeable full-time respiratory therapists, technicians, and customer service staff who provide quality respiratory equipment and support therapy. Our respiratory products and services include oxygen, CPAP-BiPAP, nebulizers, unit dose medications, home respiratory assessments, and overnight oximetry.

Quality Care

Unlike some companies, Legacy has Full-Time Respiratory Therapists that are always available to provide education and support. Not only do you receive personalized care from our full-time staff, but you receive durable, quality products as well. Our professional staff works with both the customer and the medical professionals to determine the best system for their lifestyle.

  • Full-Time Licensed Respiratory Therapists
  • Service Technicians for product maintenance
  • Respiratory accessories & supplies
  • Always available for requests or concerns
  • Quality products & service
  • Worry-free billing

Our Service Technicians are on-call 24-7 for any product maintenance! With our multiple locations, toll free numbers, e-mail, and online contact form; our customers’ needs are our top priority.