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February 15th 2017


There is a lot of interesting COPD research happening these days and we wanted to share one of those studies with you.

According to the, the COPDGene Study is one of largest studies ever funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health.

Their goal is to find any inherited or generic factors that make some people more likely to develop COPD in their lifetime. The study is also wanting to better classify and understand the disease and how it differs person to person.

According to, the COPDGene Study is finding the other genes that cause a susceptibility to developing the disease, and this groundbreaking study has the potential of changing how we know and treat COPD.

The COPDGene Study is now in its “second phase” after 5 years of research. To read the full article and learn more about this study, reference

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