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August 25th 2012

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In January of 2011, the first round of Medicare’s competitive bidding program went live in nine areas of the country. The program subjected local medical equipment providers to a bidding process, which as a result eliminated the majority of them from serving their clients who are Medicare beneficiaries.

The results of the program are a shortage of providers, which is causing delays in the services that seniors and disabled Medicare beneficiaries need to remain independent and living in their own homes. In addition, the pricing that won the bidding process is for the lowest quality equipment, leaving no opportunity to access new techology that can improve lives.

People for Quality Care is dedicated to telling the story of the patients who are impacted by the program.

To this day Medicare claims that there are very few to no complaints. “We are pleased to report that implementation of the program is going very smoothly,” CMS Administrator Donald Berwick

But we are finding that this is not true.

Click the link below learn more about People for Quality Care and watch a video of Jim Kokenge from Pax Medical tell his former client’s story.