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September 30th 2016

This story was shared on and our team at Legacy wanted to share it with you. This story showcases, Jueldia Smith, a senior who struggles to find a home medical equipment within 200 miles.

At Legacy, we are passionate about being able to provide care to those in the communities we serve (Paducah, KY Murray, KY and Paris, TN). It is upsetting to realize many do not have people have to wait 2 weeks for equipment since there is no one to service their needs. It is these stories that fuel our passion to serve and continue to grow to reach those unserved.

According to, Medicare cut funding for home medical equipment by upwards of 50-80 percent. The funding cut, implemented on July 1, has sent a shockwave across the country, severely impacting people with disabilities and chronic conditions who rely on home medical equipment.

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